• Your Time to Shine
    Your Time to Shine
    Featured Talent Competition
  • 2014-2015 Main Stage Season
    2014-2015 Main Stage Season
    Featured Theater
  • Seth Sharp’s Christmas Variety Show
    Seth Sharp’s Christmas Variety Show
    Featured Live Music
  • Vaudeville December Frolic
    Vaudeville December Frolic
    Featured Comedy
  • Audition Workshop
    Audition Workshop
    Featured Theatre Education
  • It’s All Fun and Games Presents: Improv
    It’s All Fun and Games Presents: Improv
    Featured Comedy
  • Unconventional Crime Stories Series
    Unconventional Crime Stories Series
    Featured Film Series
  • Fairfield County Jazz Guild
    Fairfield County Jazz Guild
    Featured Live Music
  • About The Bijou Theatre
    About The Bijou Theatre
    Featured Glimpse Into The Bijou
  • The Bijou Theatre Bar
    The Bijou Theatre Bar
    Featured Drinks
  • 675,809
    The number of smiles witnessed at the theatre thus far, and counting.
  • 29,000
    The amount of wannabe actors or actresses out there trying to get roles.
  • 31
    The amount of cool cabaret tables available for premier seating, with up to four per table.
  • .75456
    The amount of seconds it takes to buy tickets.
  • 42
    The amount of great attractions to visit nearby, before or after a film, within walking distance.
  • 1
    We're one of the oldest theatre's in the country.
  • 202
    The number of seats available for your viewing pleasure.
  • 21
    If you are this age or above, you can purchase an adult drink at our bar to accompany your flick.
  • 175
    The amount of film festivals that occur every year, including our own!
  • 4.99
    The amount of money you need to buy one of our tasty concession snacks.
  • 15,000,000
    The approximate amount of kernels popped each day at the movies.
  • 1909
    The year the theatre was conceived, designed, built and opened by the pioneering female developer, Lillian Ashmun.
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